Cosmic Fish Vol.1


One day ghosts began obtaining physical bodies.

The consequences of this hadn't become clear until time revealed these "Ghosts" as unpredictable creatures that imposed a danger to this world's natural inhabitants. Because of this, the planetary guardians deemed these monsters as enemies, forcing them into empty forests and caves until fate would run its course. We follow the story of the exiled. The monster-children who have taken it upon themselves to find a purpose in a world that has rejected them. Some even go as far as to rebel from the guardians in an attempt to discover the catalyst that caused the Ghost event in the first place. What they might uncover, however, is la larger mystery that questions the very meaning of existence and order itself.

Cosmic Fish is an award-winning Puerto Rican webcomic that began its run in 2015. Volume I includes the first 4 chapters, two spin-off stories, a cultural reference index, and a forward by Soda Pop Comics.

Año: 2018 | Páginas: 212

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