Demonio Vol. 1: The complete saga: No rest for the wicked


From the Best Selling puertorrican comic book series…

Following the trail of strange murders, US Army Lt María Rivas, enlists an old FBI profiler to investigate this deaths in the streets of San Juan, PR. But what they discovered is an even deeper conspiracy of fringe experiments on innocent mental patiences and the involvement of a goverment sanction think tank that started it all. In the middle of all is a man loose in the city fighting for what he thinks is right looking like a demon. Demonio is a seven part scifi mystery that will keep you guessing all the way to the last page.
A man driven by madness… remade by science… a hero will rise.

Juan Lapaix (Author, Illustrator),‎ Wilfredo Lopez (Illustrator), ‎Francisco J. Rodríguez (Illustrator),‎ Brian Valeza (Illustrator),‎ Giovanni Serrano (Illustrator),‎ Joel Vazquez (Illustrator),‎ Y Cassidy (Editor),‎ Ángel Fuentes (Foreword)

Año: 2017 | Páginas: 184