Kiki Kokí: The Enchanted Fountain of Borikén (Bilingüe)


In the original legend, Kiki Kokí spends thirty days as a coquí frog in the Frog Village. It’s during this time period that this new story takes place.

In Kokí’s latest adventure, we meet Poncie the Turtle. Poncie has discovered a map to the Enchanted Fountain of Borikén. Legend has it that he who discovers the Enchanted Fountain, will make new friends and see many magical places. “I want to meet new friends! I want to see magical places!” exclaims Kokí. This is the start of a colorful adventure that introduces children of all backgrounds to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, while sharing a light hearted-lesson for kids and adults about appreciating the magic that each day brings.

Año: 2017 | Páginas: 40

Roaring Brook Press