The Good Stranger's Sancocho Surprise (Bilingüe)


The Good Stranger's Sancocho Surprise/ El sancocho sorpresa del buen desconocido is a bilingual re-telling of the classic “Stone Soup” tale, set in the Dominican Republic. A stranger who has lost his family to tragedy comes to a rural town, and he is starving. He asks for help, but only a penniless girl, with no knowledge of cooking, will offer it. Together they make sancocho― a traditional Dominican soup, the kind in which everything can get thrown into the pot― using a secret recipe the stranger learned from his grandfather during a time of suffering. From seemingly nothing, they create a miraculous banquet, and teach the villagers a lasting lesson about generosity, and overcoming fear. The Good Stranger's Sancocho Surprise/La sorpresa del buen desconocido is as timely as ever, and will be enjoyed by children, parents, and teachers alike.

Año: 2020 | Páginas: 52