Puerto Rico's Birds in Photographs: A Complete Guide Including the Virgin Islands (With CD-ROM)


The first book to illustrate in color photographs all breeding birds and regular migrants of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands--- now in its third edition. Over 400 color photos of 191 species of birds are included. The English text is designed for students, teachers, and birdwatchers who want to understand the natural heritage of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands by learning about their fascinating birds. The species' life histories are written for the general reader, and include important lessons for conservation of our natural resources. Over 100 professional and amateur ornithologists collaborated in this effort. The book comes with a CD-ROM with Spanish and English life history accounts and audio clips of over 400 species, plus over 2,900 photos, web resources, birdfinding information, essays on evolution and conservation, and a detailed bibliography. All species of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, plus most birds of the Lesser Antilles are included. The CD-ROM is written in HTML, for PC and Macintosh computers, and allows easy use for student projects in biology, music, and art.

A√Īo: 2010 | P√°ginas: 136

Editorial Humanitas