Puerto Rico's Economic Future: Utopia or Dystopia

  • Puerto Rico created a rewarding environment for off-shore capital disregarding enhancement of local economic growth and development while suppressing interest and understanding of the need to enhance our productivity capacity with local capital enterprises: SMEs and family businesses.
  • Political expediency, extensive dependence on fiscal federalism and laxity in achieving solutions to impending social and economic risks and threats tanked our prosperity, wellbeing and standards of living.
  • Continuance of our predicament will make Puerto Ricans outcasts of the dramatic changes, advances and multiple benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, its Internet of Things and success in the new geography of the global economy.

AƱo: 2021 | PƔginas: 181

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Chris Baker
required reading

This is a very well presented economic history of Puerto Rico and the pitfalls of politicians not supporting SMEā€™s. I would like to congratulate the author and hope to meet him in person someday.

Marilyn Stalzer
Worth the try for PR

Well defended defense for supporting SMEs in Puerto Ricoā€™s economic future.