Ray Barretto: Giant Force


This translated work of Ray Barretto, Fuerza Gigante (written by Colombian Journalist Robert Téllez) under the title Ray Barretto, Giant Force is another example of Ronald’s contributions to the important mission of disseminating the history of salsa and the influence that Puerto Rican musicians have had on international music markets. Written from the perspective of a journalist who dedicated five years of rigorous research on the life and work of the notable musician Ray Barretto, known internationally as Manos Duras, considered an icon of percussion; Its author recreates the musical career of the Newyorican percussionist, his beginning from jazz and his career in Salsa, which earned him more than ten Grammy Award nominations. With admirable fluidity and amenity, Robert Téllez intersperses abundant and substantial fragments of interviews conducted at different times with musicians and singers who worked with Ray, likewise with the testimony of his widow, he gives us the other human dimension and the Force of a Giant with the one who overcame the adversities he faced at different times in his career.

Año: 2016 | Páginas: 228

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