The Life of Noah


Noah Delgado is a young Puerto Rican man living in the city of New York. He works at The Network as a hockey analyst. He is very committed to his work and he shows great ethics at his job. He visits his father every Sunday at the nursing home, but all of a sudden, his father doesn’t want to see him anymore and he notifies the nursing home administration of his request. After strict orders from the nursing home administration, Noah stops visiting his father and he loses contact with him. However, six months later, Noah’s father died. After the sudden death of his father, Noah receives a strange letter from a lawyer’s office notifying the date of the reading of the Will. Completely shocked, Noah decides to visit the lawyer’s office on the date stipulated and receives an envelope. This new envelope includes a letter, a list, and a notebook. After reading the letter, Noah will begin a quest to solve the riddle of the letter.

Año: 2018 | Páginas: 128

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