The longest Christmas ever


The longest Christmas ever is about a small town Puerto Rican woman, gorgeous and attractive. Smart, mind spoken, strong and independent. She was born in the U.S. but raised half of her life in the island of Puerto Rico. She turned out to be bilingual, she is studying to earn a Doctorate degree in Archaeology and History. Currently working as a Museum curator.. She was dumped by her fiancé who ran away to Spain with his assistant. Share McCallister is great with numbers not so much with people. He is known for being the kind of guy that gets the job done. He does not care about the people he might hurt in his job. He was dumped also by his fiancé, he told him he was not ambitious enough. Shane was born and raised in United States, had prejudice, specially against Puerto Ricans. He works as an accountant for a company sub employed by FEMA, he turned out to be in Puerto Rico, investigating and checking on the numbers of a small town. There he met the mayor and her gorgeous daughter. At first, he was cold and rude; but then as the time went by and he get to met all the people and Gloria, he starts to warm up. Things get complicated when Sebastián (Gloria’s ex fiancé) tries to go back into her life. The situation got twisted a lot more when (Shane’s ex fiancé) Pamela arrives wanting to be the head of the investigation. Then it turns out Pamela was a person of interest in her actual fiancé mysterious death, where 12 billion dollars disappear.Gloria and Shane learned many lessons: love does not chose race or social status, Puerto Ricans are resilience, we stand up after have been beaten up by Mother Nature: first two hurricanes, then the earthquakes. (On the second book it will be under Covid-19 pandemic, Quarantine) Love should always be a priority.

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