There's a Coquí in My Shoe!


This multiple award-winning children's book is the first children's book depicting Puerto Rico's 17 coqui frog species! 

A young boy named Armando surprisingly discovers a coqui in his red shoe. Carlito the Coqui is lost and cannot find his way home to the rain forest.  Armando befriends Carlito and anxiously waits for the following day to accompany his mother, Lola, to sell their pushcart of piraguas to the Puerto Rican children.  The book is full of yummy tastes, bright colors, and dramatic sounds and splendidly captures, in breathtaking illustrations, the vibrant color, culture, flora (plant kingdom), and fauna (animal kingdom) of the island.  The book is educational and entertaining and for children of all backgrounds. Perfect for home, school or library use. This high quality, Hardcover, 9 x 12 book, with Dust Jacket, has full color throughout its 66 pages. It's like getting two books in one!

Año: 2018 | Páginas: 66

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